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A sad cottage.

 Wix HOME IMG_9481-2-Edit house_edited.j

It is not the want of paint, that makes this cottage sad. What makes it sad, wretched even, is frightened, wounded and dead birds.  Lots of them. 

Wix Home DSC_0225-Edit-2 hen_edited.jpg

This bird, on the lane immediately outside the cottage, although alive, is wounded.  It has been shot.  It is a hen pheasant.


The cottage has been, and still is, snared by a pheasant shoot. 


In November 2013, referring to the owner of the land which surrounds the cottage, The Secretary of  The Code of Good Shooting Practice, wrote:-


“He has also said that there will be no shooting on his field near to your house, that no birds will be shot near your property and that you will not be able be able to see any shooting or participants from your house”

Wix HOME DSC_0185-9-Edit-Edit Gun_edited

If you did not want to see guns from your bathroom window, pointed towards your home, (photographed October 2018) or pheasants being shot and wounded, or experience menacing imposition and supercilious attitudes, would you buy this cottage?

Wix HOME DSC_0251-6-Edit-2 Simon_edited.

Short of being here on a shoot day, how would you know people behaved like this round this home?


This once lovely cottage is for sale, but the owner knows what happens here and has happened here would not be revealed by a solicitors search.

Wix HOME House_foxglove_master-Edit-2_ed

The owner thinks this is wrong.

Until shooting close to homes becomes unlawful, there should be a statutory right to know the proximity of driven pheasant shoots to domestic dwelling.

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